Holiday Inn Car Rental S.A.R.L. Copyright © 2011 By M. Rasa

To rent a car from HOLIDAY INN:

During the rental periode:

After the rental period:

Minimum age 21 years

You need to have a valid driver licence of at least 1 year

Payment upon delivery of the car

Deposit by credit card or other methods

You enjoy a 24/7 assistance in case of a car problem or accident by contacting your HOLIDAY INN agency  (Contact details are included with your vehicles documents in the rental car)

You drive carefully and with respect for traffic and highway codes

You are responsible for the car driving on the road as well as during parking

You are responsible for any car damages which are not been officially reported as an accident

In case of an accident, if it was not your mistake, you don’t pay anything and it will be fully covered by the insurance company!

You are not allowed to drive off the road unless driving a 4x4!

You have to refuel the car when returning the car

The car should be in the same condition as delivered otherwise you will be charged for any damages!